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Ron Goch has assisted several WNBA teams with their sales efforts, and his impressive knowledge and understanding about the business is exceeded only by the zeal that he has brought to every assignment he has undertaken on behalf of the league.  He is focused, goal-oriented, has a terrific work ethic and embraces every challenge with passion and energy.

– Val Ackerman, President, USA Basketball

Ron Goch, the founder of The Telios Group, has been a trusted associate, advisor and friend of the AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic since 1990.

Our involvement with Ron began during preparations for our 1990 New Year's Day football game and since that time he has become someone we rely upon greatly.

Ron is an extremely talented and knowledgeable colleague. However, from our perspective, Ron's greatest attribute is that he is a team player. If something needs to be done, he's always there to assist and he never stops until the project is completed and is deemed a success.

No job is too big or too small for Ron.  He always comes ready to jump in and help resolve the issue, no matter what the task or problem may be. He's a tireless worker and a dedicated individual who inspires others to strive for success and never settle for anything less than the best.

- Charlie Fiss, Vice President of Communications, AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic

I have never worked with anyone more organized and well-prepared than Ron Goch.  He not only knows marketing, he knows people.  Ron is the consummate professional - under all circumstances.  Whatever challenge he accepts, he takes it on with unmatched energy and commitment.

- Jeff McCauley, President, PrepSportsBiz

If Ole Miss Rebel Athletics gave out awards, Ron Goch and The Telios Group would have been the Team MVP in 2004-05.  From the first time I met Ron, I knew he had the ‘stuff.’  As a coach, I love working with him.  Ron is all about people.  He gets everyone involved, organized and motivated.  In a bottom line business it's about results, and the bottom line with Ron Goch is he delivers!

– Carrol Ross, former Head Women’s Basketball Coach, University of Mississippi Athletics

Ron Goch was employed by the NBA in a variety of capacities under my direction for four years, 2000 through 2004.  In that time, Ron acted as VP of Business Operations/GM for the WNBA's Utah franchise and as a consultant to several teams, most notably Phoenix, Houston and Detroit.  His total dedication, hard work, sport management expertise and his persistence are the most outstanding elements among his many qualities. Ron succeeded wherever he was assigned.  Whether it was running an entire organization such as Utah, where he grew attendance, increased ticket sales and sponsor revenues and substantially reduced operating losses, or whether it was simply building a group ticket sales function from scratch, as he did in Phoenix, that in one season took its place as one of the best operations in the league. Ron is a self-starter who exhibits the highest level of ethics and integrity.  You can give him an assignment or even a complete franchise to run, and know that the objectives will be achieved, on time and on budget. I recommend Ron Goch without reservation as a sports management professional who will never let you down.

- Bernie Mullin, formerly SVP of Marketing and Team Business, NBA

Ron has been a great mentor and a guidance force in my career. He is exceptionally detailed oriented in the tasks he assigns and brings out the very best in you.

- Shu Muthyala, Account Executive, Anaheim Arsenal

Ron Goch provided a breath of fresh air compared to other sales training sessions our management staff has had. Personable and understanding, Ron allowed our staff to pace the training session to our liking, helping everyone to complete grasp concepts before moving on. His background and expertise in ticket sales shine through with some fantastic practices and small tweaks on current processes that we're looking forward to implementing in order to improve results.

- Jorge Perea, Ticket Sales Manager, Real Salt Lake

Ron is well versed on all aspects of sales and service in sports. Through his consulting and one on one service he was able to provide me with insight on group/season sales and understanding the sports and entertainment fan experience. Ron is dedicated in helping to build businesses and personal career growth.

- Danita Johnson, Phoenix Suns and Mercury

I highly recommend Ron's training to teams that are looking to take themselves to the next level. His hands on, detailed approach combined with his extensive knowledge shed light on how my team could improve and exceed personally and professionally.

- Bobby Phillips, Director of Group Sales, Sacramento Kings

Two or three minutes after meeting Ron Goch you feel like you've known him forever.  He is a lot of fun to be around and his enthusiasm is infectious.  The saying, 'If life gives you lemons, make lemonade' could very well be Ron's motto.  He sees opportunity in everything.

- Connie Braseth, Athletics Marketing Coordinator, University of Mississippi Athletics

I worked with Ron as a graduate assistant at the University of Tennessee.  Ron created a team atmosphere with our staff, the kind of atmosphere where trust in each other was the core element to getting the job done right.\

The planning, organization and attention to detail Ron created for every Tennessee sport and corporate partner elevated ticket and sponsorship sales across the board.  The skills I learned with Ron are the basis of my career today - teamwork, organization, planning and working the details.

Ron will bring those attributes - creative, out of the box thinking - to your organization to achieve one goal - increased revenues.  The Telios Group will put butts in seats, revenue in your pockets, and create a team with your organization.

- Charlie Taylor, Assistant Athletics Director of Marketing, University of Oklahoma Athletics

Ron is a great trainer for account executives at all levels. Not only does he put in the time with the staff as a group but he works with each person individually to help improve the personal skills needed. What I find most amazing is Ron's follow up. He continuously will check in with myself and staff to see how we are doing and if he could assist with anything.

- Mike Reynolds, former Director of Ticket Sales, Houston Comets

Ron was excellent working with our athletic ticket office and graduate assistant/sales interns. All groups felt refreshed and confident that the sales training that Ron provided assisted us in our group sales efforts, while engaging in a creative way to sell and solicit groups.

- Stephannnie Harvey, Associate Athletic Director, Eastern Michigan Athletics

I have observed and admired Ron Goch’s outstanding work for a number of years.  When the opportunity presented itself to work with The Telios Group for our conference basketball tournament I immediately seized the opportunity and found that Ron delivered beyond our expectations.

Ron also conducted a sales seminar for the marketing directors from our conference schools which garnered rave reviews from a rather critical audience who thought they had "seen it all.”  Working with Ron is an investment that pays huge dividends.

- Tom Yeager, Commissioner, Colonial Athletic Association

Ron is a proven and trusted professional in the sports world who will bring value to anyone tapping into his experiences.

- Bryant Pfeiffer, Sr. Director of Club Services, MLS

Our basketball program has never had results any better than when Ron Goch worked with us at Utah. He is tireless in his efforts and professional at every turn.  I have always wanted one thing - people in the seats.  Our best attended years were when Ron was responsible for our marketing, promotions and sales.

– Elaine Elliott, Head Women’s Basketball Coach, University of Utah Athletics

I had the absolute pleasure of getting to work with and know Ron while working for TMBO at the NBA League Office. His wealth of team business experience, especially in corporate and season ticket sales, was something I tried to tap into on a daily basis. I will continue to use Ron as a resource for revenue generating and culture enhancing ideas.

- JM Caparro, Director of Ticket Sales, New Jersey Nets

I had the privilege of working with Ron for group sales training. He came in and presented a plan for my department that was creative and logical. The information that I learned in his training session will continue to create successes for me in the future.

- Tina Kelly, former Ticket Sales Manager. Florida Atlantic Athletics

Ron did a great job with developing a relationship with each Dream employee. He sat in a couple of meeting that I had scheduled and came up with some great ideas that resulted in increased sales. He was a great breath of fresh air to our sales staff.

- Eric Schirmer, Ticket Sales Executive, Atlanta Dream

Ron has unbelievable knowledge when it comes to sports marketing and the right and wrong way to sell tickets and/or sponsorship. He assisted in my appointment skills and many of the tips he gave me, I still implement today. I strongly recommend Ron's expertise when it comes to increased ticket sales and sponsorship revenue.

- Nathan Reilly, Director of Ticket Sales, Texas Stars Hockey Club

Ron was an integral part in my development at Broomfield Sports and Entertainment. His knowledge and experience helped me to learn and progress in the Sports industry. The NBA Development League is tough to sell. Ron challenged me to "create the problem" by thinking outside of the box and by coming up with ideas that may have never been done before. It's all about the experience at the semi-pro level and Ron showed me how to paint the picture for potential groups and to exceed their expectations in customer service. Thanks Ron!

– Chris Dolge, Ticket Sales Executive, Broomfield Sports & Entertainment

Ron is a very good to work with, he works hard and is very organized along with being a good trainer. I would work with Ron anytime that the availability is there.

- Shelley Brug, Sales Executive, Minnesota Timberwolves and Lynx

Ron pays great attention to detail with regards to sales efforts for you and your team. He has a multitude of great ideas in generating revenue for any ticket sales opportunity, through group sales and/or season and package options. His background and knowledge will help anyone new to the sports industry or an experienced AE look for new ideas and new challenges. His daily hints/ideas via email also reminds all of us of the ultimate goal, generating revenue!

– Ryan Williams, former Director of Media & Public Relations, Idaho Stampede

Ron is one of the most dedicated individuals I have ever worked with. He approaches every task he undertakes with a passion and intensity that translates into excellent results.

– Malinda Murray, former Public Relations Assistant, Utah Jazz and Starzz

The passion and intensity that Ron brings to his work is phenomenal, allowing for very productive time being spent. His knowledge of the subject matter was exactly what we needed at the time we engaged him. He comes prepared in advance and prepared to get down to business.

– Bill Bailey, VP of Ticket Sales and Services, New Orleans Hornets

Ron's expertise in the world of athletic ticket sales is unmatched. He is able to walk into any situation and teach the ticket sellers for that organization how to reach and sell tickets to their market. He is driven to see the client get results and always accessible when needed.

- Joel  Barnhill, Assistant Commissioner, Horizon League

Ron has a wealth of knowledge in the sports and entertainment industry. While consulting the WNBA on his greatest sales tactics he introduces to us a business plan and module that showed us how to increase our revenue goals, strengthen our existing relationship's and an more effective way to facilitate our group projects, which in turn made them more successful and with less errors. Ron was also available via email or phone, if you needed him for any questions or guidance while planning a group project.

- Jimmelle Melvin, Sr. Account Executive, Atlanta Dream

Ron always exudes a high level of professionalism, knowledge and enthusiasm for our industry. He is a fantastic resource for any team, group or organization looking to move their sales processes forward. I highly recommend Ron!

– David McElwee, Director of Group Ticket Sales, Charlotte Bobcats

My first opportunity to meet Ron was when he recruited me to join his sales staff with the WNBA. Ron impressed me as someone who had a high level of integrity, was very personable, highly creative, and overall a very positive force. Though I did not accpet the position with his team, I was later fortunate to work with Ron when he was a business consultant for the NBA. My first impressions of Ron bore out--he continued to be a positive, creative, hard-working individual always seeking to creative solutions and finding the best in everyone. In the 7 years that I have known Ron, he has had a positive attitude about everything. This attitude, in addition to his creativity and hard work, make him a pleasure to know and work with.

– Fay Wells, former Strategic Planning Group , Houston Rockets

Ron is the man! He is driven to get results/job done. He is always positive and upbeat. He was great to work for and a great mentor. I highly recommend Ron for any job.

– Dustin Dehlin, Director of Group Ticket Sales, Utah Jazz

Ron is perhaps the most innovative person in sports marketing and sales I've ever met. Spend five minutes with him and you'll know what I mean. His ability to assess the needs of a situation and provide solutions is the absolute best. In addition to his professional skills I want to cite his integrity. If Ron says he will do something for a client you can bet the farm that it will be done and done well. During his years at the University of Tennessee we were proud to work with him and learn from him as we promoted the Lady Vols year round - yes, the work continued throughout the summer. If you desire working with the best - then you've found him. I'm proud to endorse Ron Goch.

– Eddie Bryant, VP of Marketing, FMB Advertising

I had the satisfaction of working with Ron Goch for four years while at The University of Tennessee.  I was hired by Ron with little knowledge of sports marketing and through our four years together I learned numerous personal and professional life lessons.

Although we have not worked together for years, Ron still has a positive influence in my life.  All that I have accomplished and all that I will continue to accomplish is a result of the four years I worked with Ron. It is with great pleasure I recommend Ron Goch and The Telios Group.  Ron's ability to achieve is endless.  I have never come across anyone that works harder than he does.  Ron manages to take what seems to be the most impossible situation and accomplishes great things and produces amazing results.

- Carolyn Dorfman, Co-Camp Director, Camp Walt Whitman


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